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Worcestershire out-of-hours

Your summer survival guide 2018

June 12 2018

Over the last couple of weeks parks, beer gardens and beaches across the country have seen a surge in visitors all making the most of the scorching temperatures. And summer’s not even here yet!

But the scorching temperatures do not hold the same value for everyone. For some, the change in routine – the unpredictability for plan making – can make them anxious; for others, it’s the heat, the sweating and increasing bug numbers that get them down.  

We want to help you make the most of this new season and our friendly summer survival guide is aimed at helping you do just that.

It’s jam packed with quick-fire ailment tips for those summer scrapes, delicious recipes inspired by seasonal produce, ways to help you set realistic summertime goals that you can easily complete, we’ll expose the mystifying world of SPF and the star rating system, show you how you don’t have to ditch your exercise routine when the heat sets in, highlight some rather exciting dates to get in the diary to keep you occupied this season, and things to think about when planning a dementia friendly holiday.

Take a look in our guide to surviving summer and find your inspiration.