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A message of celebration for International Nurses Day

May 10 2018

On this International Nurses Day, Saturday 12th May, we want to celebrate all our wonderful nurses who work hard every day, always putting their patients first.

Kate Carter, director of nursing, and Lesley Boler, chief nurse for Secondary Care, share their thoughts about what this day means. Kate began: “To quote our Nurse of the Year from Care UK’s Health Care Awards, Margaret Mahoney, when I presented her with her prize, she said ‘I was just doing my job’.

“So often I hear ‘I’m just a nurse’, or ‘I’m just doing my job’, from our amazing workforce of nurses, which is why International Nurses Day is an important date to be celebrated as it promotes the remarkable work nurses everywhere do, every day.”

Organised annually by the International Council of Nurses, International Nurses Day celebrates the contribution that nurses make to societies around the world. Each year the organisation also chooses a theme for the day, this year’s is ‘Nurses A Voice to Lead – Health is a Human Right’.

The date itself has a strong significance too, as it is also the birthday of perhaps the world’s most famous nurse, Florence Nightingale. So to quote Florence, “No matter how difficult the days may get, never forget the reason you became a nurse” – Florence Nightingale.

Lesley believes the character of a nurse, is as important as their knowledge, she said: “As a nurse I am proud of the work I am able to do and the staff I am able to work with. The values and passion of nursing is evident across Secondary Care services with staff consistently rising to the challenges of the changing healthcare environment.”

Kate continued: “This is the day for nurses everywhere to acknowledge what a fabulous job they do and the outstanding level of care they deliver to their patients.

“The roles that you fulfil and the skills that you have are vast. This International Nurses Day we want to say thank you to all our nurses for dedicating your careers to delivering an extraordinary quality of patient care in increasingly pressured times. You are a continued source of inspiration in your commitment to providing quality patient care.”

Julie Taylor, head of Integrated Urgent Care, also wanted to extend a message for this day: “To all of our nurses and honorary nurses (paramedics), I would like to say a special thanks to you, as you continue to provide the highest level of quality care to your patients, even at times of great pressure.

“You deserve special recognition for your efforts to inspire, innovate and influence. Remember, you are amazing and do amazing things that change peoples’ lives every day. Keep up the great work and happy International Nurses Day.”

Within Care UK we pride ourselves in our collaborative team approach, so don’t forget to celebrate the occasion with your Allied Health Professional and Medical, non-clinical and operational colleagues too!